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Closing of the Farm

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This year has been a tough one: losing access to the wonderful backpackers we so relied on to help us grow the flowers, ever increasing imported flowers flooding the market, the unpredictability of market sales and most awfully, my beautiful wife, Lee, being diagnoses with cancer. All these have led to the decision to close our farm

​VinoFood from the Lake House Denmark

VinoFood from the Lake House DenmarkWe are now delighted to offer at Eden Beach Farmers Market and Vic Park Farmers Market a selection of VinoFoods, from the Lake House Winery in Denmark, gourmet condiments that blend Garry and Leanne’s two passions, wine and food. All products are handmade in small batches and are free [...]

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What is Cearmed Honey

People often ask me what creamed honey is. Well creamed honey is honey that has been whipped so that it contains a large number of small crystals, preventing it from going 'crystallised' which can occur in raw honey. The processing also produces a honey with a smooth spreadable consistency. Ann and Steve Piacun's lovely creamed honey [...]

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You Can Now Pre-Order Your Simply Albany Products

Florescence has been delighted to be able to bring customers at the various Perth markets we attend really good quality products from the Great Southern as part of our Simple Albany stalls.One of the problems we have come up against is that people are missing out on some products and it is really not viable for [...]

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 We are delighted to have now entered into a new phase of our market engagement by promoting products from the Albany region to market-goes visiting our stalls at our Perth markets. Called Simply Albany, at Vic Park Farmers Market and Leederville Farmers Market each Sunday, in addition to our liliums and other flowers we grow, [...]

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Flower Delivery Australia WideNeed to send flowers to someone in Australia?Liliesinatube is like no other flower delivery and the only Flower Delivery Australia Wide direct from the farmer.The tube itself is particularly attractive and this method of transporting these flowers is both ingenious and effective. Not only do they arrive in perfect condition but they come with [...]

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